The Entrepreneurial Nation is a call to all dreamers, entrepreneurs and unicorns to
SkillUp, StartUp, and ScaleUp in the UAE.

Our mission, bound by a unified vision, will augment the culture of entrepreneurship, and provide solutions and learning opportunities to enhance the ecosystem for entrepreneurial minds and businesses across the globe to make the UAE The Entrepreneurial Nation.


National Program


The Entrepreneurial Nation is a national project for entrepreneurship and SMEs. It features the biggest public private partnerships of it’s kind bringing together incubators, accelerators, funding entities and private cooperations



Our goal is to graduate 20 unicorns from the UAE over the next 10 years



Strengthening the UAE’s entrepreneurship and SME ecosystem to become The Entrepreneurial Nation of the world

Three Programmes


SkillUp:The SkillUp academy is designed to equip the UAE population with the entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

StartUp: The StartUp Program aims to achieve success stories and help entrepreneurs in the UAE and beyond to embark on their journey.

ScaleUp:The ScaleUp Platform will empower future unicorns by providing a full support system to unlock high potential companies’ growth potential