Our Story

Why UAE?

The UAE's founding fathers worked to build a nation based on a progressive vision while supporting their people. From the earliest tribes that mastered their environment, to our leadership’s transformative philosophies and economic achievements, entrepreneurship and scaling up were always in the veins of this country.

From this legacy, we inherited a country with over 200 nationalities and the inspiration to always dream big. Today, the UAE emerged as the number one global destination for establishing and starting businesses, boasting the most encouraging environment for entrepreneurship*.

*According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index

Why TEN?

The Entrepreneurial Nation operates a platform of projects and programs aimed at empowering anyone to start and scale a business in the United Arab Emirates. By fostering a strong partnership between the public and private sectors, TEN is the land of possibilities for every entrepreneur.


“To be the nation where your Entrepreneurial dream becomes a reality.”


“A strong partnership between the public and private sectors, bound by a unified vision towards a progressive Entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Core Values




Taking risks is the catalyst for change and the path to reward.



A Free Spirit with no limits. Does not have a job description and is not limited by the rules. Knows that innovation happens outside the crowd.



Understands what it takes to realize a dream. Isn’t shaken by the fear of failure. Keeps moving forward. Always bounces back.