Terms & Conditions

Section 1 | Participation and Attendance

1- StartUpLeap is a competition under the Umbrella of The Entrepreneurial Nation an initiative by the UAE Ministry of Economy, powered by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab.

2- By entering the competition, you hereby warrant that all of the information that you submit is accurate and complete in every respect.

3- Entering the competition and accessing our website is free of charge.

4- Only one entry is allowed per team in the same edition.

5- Applications are submitted through our website (Include URL of the competition's website/page)

a- Create an account.

b- Fill out the application form

c- Submit the application before the deadline

Note that you may save your application answers and continue later before the deadline.

No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

6- If you are selected as one of the 20 semifinalist candidates, you will be notified of your selection via email. If you fail to respond within 30 hours of being notified, you will automatically forfeit your right to compete in the next round. If you do not provide the required information needed for the next phase of the competition within the specified deadline, you will forfeit your right to compete in the next round.

7- Any changes to the founding team, location, and/or name of the startup/idea after the submission of the application or after being selected as the top 20 semifinalist candidates, must be communicated with the StartUpleap team for notification and approval.

8- Selected semi finalist candidate teams are required to attend the BootCamp, Judging, Demo Day & the winners announcement. These events will be held virtually through a platform that will be communicated with the teams in due time. At least one member (Co-founder or CEO) per team is required to attend all events.

9- Selected semi finalist candidate teams are expected to work on and submit specific deliverables prior to the BootCamp and Demo Day, to be communicated directly with the team members from StartUp Leap team.

10- For the BootCamp,StartUp Leap will be welcoming 2 members of the chosen candidates, and online attendance is mandatory.

11- For the Demo Day & winners announcement, participants are expected to virtually attend the entire Demo Day and Award Ceremony online.

12- The timeline of the competition will be posted on our website and the agendas of the bootcamp and Demo Day will be shared with the selected candidates. StartUp Leap reserves the right to change any date at any time.

13- All Semifinalist teams will be listed in the MITEF Pan Arab / StartUp Leap directory which includes information about the teams' status within the competition in addition to general information about the startup.

14- After the closing of the edition, the 20 selected candidates are required to cooperate with the StartUp Leap team for follow up through surveys, phone calls, community giveback opportunities, and coverage.

Section 2 | Competition Process

1- The StartUp Leap is divided into 4 pit stops: the 'Application Form Process', the 'two-days Virtual Bootcamp', the 'Demo Day & Judging', and 'Demo Day Stream, Exhibition, and Winners Announcement'

Application Form Process:

Teams must fill in and submit an online application which consists of the following sections:

  • General questions

  • Innovation

  • Financial sustainability

  • Scalability

  • Team

Each application is evaluated based on the following criteria:

Team: The team takes up an important part of the total grade. Judges look for experience, value added, and the relevance of each team member to the project.

Innovation: Creativity and improvement of existing solutions and/or business processes with respect to current competitors or comparable products and services. Within this definition, innovation does not necessarily mean technology.

Financial Sustainability: The enterprise should be financially sustainable in the long term. Donors' grants and sponsorships are not considered financial sustainable approaches.

Scalability: A business idea or a startup should not be limited to a local market. At a minimum, a nationwide market should be targeted; preferably, the business should be easy to scale up regionally or globally as the company expands.

20 candidate teams are selected for StartUp Leap. These teams will have scored the highest average score on their application forms. StartUp Leap reserves the right to modify the number of selected teams.

Two-Day Virtual BootCamp:

The 20 teams must submit certain deliverables that will be communicated to them in due time. They are also required to carefully read the emails received from the organizing team, acknowledge receipt and reply back with a written confirmation email. All (2) persons attending the competition should have their contact details shared with the organizers.

Selected teams are required to attend virtually the BootCamp and the demo day & judging. The training BootCamp is conducted in English. At least one of the team members who will be attending the training must be fluent in English.

The training topics, agenda, and more details will be shared with the selected teams in due time.

Demo Day & Judging (private event):

Selected teams are required to pitch virtually in front of a jury where they will have 3 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. After the oral presentations, the jury will deliberate and select the 10 winners for StartUp Leap Competition.

During this particular Demo day, the whole event will be recorded and streamed on the official date of the Demo Day, Exhibition and Winners Announcement.

Demo Day, Exhibition, and Winners Announcement (open to public):

The demo day will be hosted on an online platform where the 20 selected semi finalist candidates will appear pitching their ideas/startups to the jury panel.

It will also feature an expo session, where people can check the virtual booths of partners, selected candidates and network across.

The event will end with the announcement of 10 winners who will be receiving the full benefits: Golden Residency (up to 3 founders), Office Space, Mentorship, Loan Financing, Media Coverage & Brand Exposure, Business Development Support, Fee waivers for all employee visa cost and related fees, Lower rate / higher limit loan financing.

2- Online applications are only accepted in English.

3- Oral presentations during the judging process should be delivered in English along with a pitch deck presentation.

4- Information about all the Judges will be available on our website as soon as the names are finalized.

Section 3 | Prizes

1- The 20 selected semi finalist candidates will benefit from:

  • Green Visa (up to 3 founders)

  • Office Space

  • Mentorship

  • Loan Financing

  • Media Coverage & Brand Exposure

  • Business Development Support

2- The 10 winners of StartUp Leap competition will benefit from:

  • Golden Residency (up to 3 founders)

  • Fee waivers for all employee visa costs

  • Fee waivers for all related fees

  • Lower rate / higher limit loan financing

  • Office Space

  • Mentorship

  • Loan Financing

  • Media Coverage & Brand Exposure

  • Business Development Support

3- If the startup has not yet moved to the UAE within 6 months of the end of the competition's date, The Entrepreneurial Nation has the right to no longer support in the relocation process.

4- The Entrepreneurial Nation will endeavour to start the process of re-locating to the UAE within three months of the receipt of the legal entity's documents, but cannot guarantee this allocated time.

Section 4 | Disqualification

StartUp Leap reserves the right to disqualify any entry at any phase of the competition. The reasons for disqualification can be a breach of any of the rules, breach of eligibility criteria, breach of any applicable law, bad conduct or offensive behavior, or invalid answers contained in the applications.

Section 5 | Liability

1- StartUp Leap does not claim any proprietary rights over the initiatives, technologies, and ideas submitted to the competition. All ideas and technologies are the sole property of the applicant.

2- Personal information collected about you is used for the purpose of the competition and will not be distributed to third parties without your consent.

3- StartUp Leap reserves the right to amend the above-mentioned rules at any time.

4- In the event of any misinterpretation regarding these rules, the conduct or results of the competition, or any other matter relating to the competition, the decision of StartUp Leap shall be final and unchallenged.

5- While every care is taken to ensure that the competition runs successfully, StartUp Leap will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, inconvenience, or disappointment of any kind suffered by any entrant resulting from the competition.

6- StartUp Leap does not endorse any external linked sites and are not responsible for their content.