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Overview & Eligibility

برنامج ScaleUp مع Huawei

Step Summary

Scaleup digitize program:

Hi, we appreciate your interest in ScaleUp digitize with Huawei. The following registration form will help us to get to know you better.
Good Luck!

Application Questions

The Following is the sample of questions asked, Register now to apply!

Question 1: First Name
Question 2: Last Name
Question 3: Email
Question 4: Phone Number
Question 5: What is your level of fluency in English?
Question 6: Availability for semiweekly online training on Tuesday and Thursday on 04:30-06:30 PM (2 hours)
Question 7: Your Business Name
Question 8: What is your role in the business?
Question 9: What is your SME sector?
Questoin 10: Please describe your business briefly
Question 11: Please mention your website link
Question 12: Is your business located inside UAE?
Question 13: If you select “No” in the previous question, please specify your business Location/ country
Question 14: Does your Business have a company registration number?
Question 15: How many employees do you have in your Business?
Question 16: Is the business income considered your main income (meaning, not a side business/hobby)?
Question 17: What is the revenue growth of your company from 2020-2021?
Question 18: Did you get an angel investment or incubator investment funding?
Question 19: How many funding rounds did you go through?
Question 20: How much total funding do you get?
Question 21: At which stage is your company?
Question 22: If you select “Others” in the previous question, please specify it here or else write N/A
Question 23: How many users do you have?
Question 24: What is the percentage of your online users in the past year?
Question 25: Are you open to advanced technology, such as AI, container, and distributed systems?
Question 26: How much Could consumption you have per month?
Question 27: Upload your Business Plan for target market expansion.
Question 28: Upload your Business model for target market expansion.
Question 29: Do you agree that MoE shares your details with Huawei to check if your SME is eligible for this ScaleUp program?
Question 30: Why you would like to join this program?
Question 31: I confirm that I will attend all of the virtual classes

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