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Overview & Eligibility

برنامج ScaleUp مع UPS

Step Summary

UPS Application Form

ScaleUp Export Application
Hi, we appreciate your interest in ScaleUp Export. The following registration form will help us to get to know you better.
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Application Questions

The Following is the sample of questions asked, Register now to apply!

Question 1: First Name
Question 2: Last Name
Question 3: Email
Question 4: Phone Number
Question 5: Your Business Name
Question 6: What is your role in the business?
Question 7: What is your SME sector?
Question 8: Please describe your business briefly
Question 9: Please mention your website link
Question 10: Where is your business located?
Question 11: Does your Business have a Company registration number?
Question 12: How many employees do you have in your Business?
Question 13: Is your SME currently exporting?
Question 14: What is your export frequency?
Question 15: How many months have you been exporting your products?
Question 16: Is the business income considered your main income (meaning, not a side business/hobby)?
Question 17: How much revenue did your business generate in the last 6 months?
Question 18: Do you agree that MoE shares your details with UPS to check if your SME is eligible for this ScaleUp program?
Question 19: I confirm that I will attend all of the virtual classes on Thursday 09:00-12:00 (To be updated)
Question 20: I have a working microphone and camera for my computer, which I will be using during the course
Question 21: Why you would like to join this program?
Estimated time: 5 minutes

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