Hire & Pay Global Talent Remotely

The Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by The UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to announce a partnership with Deel, market leader in international payroll and compliance.

Deel is a powerful dashboard to hire and pay any talent in the world with just a few clicks.

Hiring globally is a great way to hire the best talent and expand worldwide; however, it is a complex undertaking. Opening regional offices and navigating local payroll, benefits, taxes, equipment and equity takes time and considerable investment.

Deel is paving the way for how businesses compliantly hire and pay remote talent worldwide by packaging the functionality into one simple and powerful dashboard. With Deel, all the typical complicated rules, tasks, and hoops that come with hiring and paying teams abroad have been untangled. It is an effective tool to hire and pay them all, compliantly.

With Deel, enterprises can run payroll in 150 countries with one platform built to streamline international operations and eliminate the ongoing admin of local compliance, taxes, benefits, and more.

Participants will Receive

  • Free introduction consultation

  • 20% off Deel for contractors (hire and pay contractors in 150+ countries)

  • 20% off Deel EOR (Hire and pay EOR employees in 90+ countries)

  • 20% off Global Payroll (Onboard and run payroll for your direct employees)

  • 20% off Deel Engage (Strengthen company culture with Slack plugins)

  • 20% off Deel Shield (Fend off misclassification risks)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legally registered entity in the UAE