F&B Management System

The Entrepreneurial Nation is proud to announce a partnership with Foodics to enable growth, digital transformation and innovation of enterprises in the F&B sector.

FOODICS is the leading cloud-based restaurant management technology and payments platform in MENA, with a 360° SaaS ecosystem supporting its end-to-end digitization and making it a pioneer in the regional F&B industry.   

Foodics provides a complete restaurant management ecosystem that enables owners to run their operations seamlessly and grow their business. Its mission is to empower restaurant and merchant owners with a comprehensive cloud-based POS system to enrich their operations.  

FOODICS caters to every segment of the F&B sector from traditional dine-in restaurants, cafés, quick service restaurants, bakeries, food trucks through to cloud kitchens and non-food micro-retailers. Since its inception in 2014, it has successfully processed over 6 billion orders through the platform. 

FOODICS wishes to offer special discounts on the hardware kit, basic & advanced plans and digital ordering platform providing saving of up to AED 2,000 per product.   

Offers For High Growth Business

AED 5,999 for Foodics Advanced Plan + Foodics Online Web for  


  • Cloud POS 

  • Menu Management 

  • Dashboards 

  • Real-time reporting 

  • Table Management 

  • Inventory Features 

  • Timed events & coupons 

  • Gift Cards 

  • Promotions 

  • Loyalty 

  • API Access 

Foodics Online Web: 

  • Website for online ordering service and Electronic Payment Solution 

*Gender equality is to be adhered to in the admissions process.
*People of determination are given equal opportunities in the admissions process.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Legally registered entity in the UAE 

  1. Running a business in the F&B sector for 1 to 3 years 

  1. Has an interest in expanding their business into new markets 

  1. Has identified business issues s/he is interested in developing (e.g., product development, finance and fund, restaurant operation management, etc.) 

  1. Citizens or residents of the UAE