Tailored Workshops to Meet Your Business Needs

The Entrepreneurial Nation, a special initiative of The UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to partner with 33 Voices to support the growth of small and medium businesses, with services and products designed to accelerate their expansion.

33 Voices has 17+ years of market experience and conducted an excess of 1650 interviews with prominent thinkers, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, and global intellects. 

33 voices offers UAE-based SMEs a tailored solutions to meet their business needs. 

Selected SMEs will get access to: 

Launch meeting - to accelerate our understanding, we plan to invite each participant to a private, small group discussion where our team will meet the respective organization, and provide an introduction to the program and get a high- level understanding of their current business.

Full offsite immersive - we will facilitate a full-day off-site where the participants will have the space to work creatively ON their business rather than IN it. They will decode the previous quarter, envision the next quarter, and share relevant lessons with their peers. The 33 voices team will provide thinking tools to stimulate creative confidence and inspire new thinking. The organizations will each receive a crystalized 90-day strategy & execution plan to help accelerate their business. 

Private community - immediately after our introductory meeting, each member will receive a personal invitation to join our private community where he/she will be able to provide real-time feedback, receive real-time insights, and connect with other members to share ideas and leverage brainpower. Daily access to ask real-time questions on areas where they need support.

Knowledge, tools, and resources - We will guide each member in building and continually evolving an ongoing playbook of thinking tools, organizational principles, and business-building resources specific to their existing business.

6x business strategy and execution session - twice a month, participants will join a 90-minute strategy and execution session with peers, the 33voices team, and other notable thinkers to get real-time feedback on the strategies and execution methods guiding their progress.

Three thought leader sessions which are additional sessions every month where we include a thought leader to add additional value to a specific topic the participants want extra focus on.


3 months

Program Cost

AED 7,350

Total of 10 session as follows

  • One in-person full day offsite session.

  • Six virtual sessions - one every 2 weeks.

  • Three "free sessions" which are additional sessions every month where we include a thought leader to add additional value to a specific topic the participants want extra focus on.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legally registered private company

  • Revenue generating

  • Minimum number of employees 2

  • Operating for at least one year with a working product or service

Detailed Plan





06 February 2023

Every business is built around a growth secret that's hidden from the outside

  • Identify & continually adapt the key growth levers

  • Developing customer intelligence

  • Why non-customers matter

  • Understanding why no product - no matter how great - sells itself

  • Why Marketing and Sales are distinctly different

  • The building blocks of an effective marketing department/strategy

  • Building and developing a sales team

  • Understanding the power law of distribution

  • Raising Capital

  • Going public


20 February 2023

Effective strategy is both human-centered and business focus

  • Learning to reframe problems for greater possibility

  • The key question to ask to surface the conditions to identify the correct strategy

  • Designing a strategy map

  • Communicating and cascading strategy

  • The leader{s}' role in the strategy discussion/framing

  • Measuring impact and acknowledging missteps


06 March 2023

The foundation of every great organization is people

  • Designing a talent pipeline to meet growth demands

  • Designing & implementing a consistent hiring process

  • Aligning individual potential with organizational objectives

  • Identifying and optimizing individual/team unique abilities

  • Designing and implementing a predictable onboarding process

Talent Development

20 March 2023

The fundamental principles and conditions under which people will flourish

  • Aligning roles to maximize individual strengths

  • The importance of hiring profiles - both general & specific

  • Designing an ongoing learning curriculum that's both adaptable and fluid to meet the changing need of the individuals/organization

  • Design and implement a development cadence for team members - both new & experienced

  • Developing creative confidence

  • Managing energy & time

  • Psychological safety and it's impact on individual contributions


03 April 2023

Leadership is galvanizing people

  • Establish/revisit/expand founding principles

  • Identify leadership philosophies/principles/and point of view - organization wide

  • Define both management and leadership expectations

  • Being strategic about establishing and growing a leadership pipeline

  • Establish a framework for founders/founding team to transition into leadership positions

  • Building a diverse & inclusive leadership team

  • Effective communication, storytelling & listening

  • Board communication