Smart Farming Innovation Challenge

The Entrepreneurial Nation is proud to collaborate with Elite Agro Projects to advance agritech and food-tech sectors in the UAE towards achieving the national food security agenda successfully.

Elite Agro Projects is a UAE-based specialized turnkey design and build agriculture-contracting company with a proven delivery record of accomplishment of over 100 agriculture projects locally and internationally. Utilizing in-house capabilities and enriching them with a solid partnership with technology companies to provide the latest solutions to optimize production and reduce consumption of limited resources.

Elite Agro Projects seeks to address the challenge of local production in the UAE and larger region by utilizing innovative technology to improve the sustainability of its agricultural projects.

Elite Agro Projects seeks to address the challenge of local production in the UAE and larger regions by utilizing innovative technology to improve the sustainability of its agricultural projects.

This Innovation Challenge invites enterprises around the world to submit solutions to this challenge.


Challenge Definition

What do Elite Agro Projects seek to solve?

Being the largest fresh produce manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates, Elite Agro Projects seeks to optimize sustainable agriculture production in the UAE through digitalization.

Finding the right digitalization technology to optimize production and reduce cost will enable Elite Agro to compete with imported products.

Elite Agro Projects seeks to develop an integrated open-source platform powered by AI that will gather, process, synthesize and analyze large amounts of data steadily and ceaselessly as its transmitted from the numerous field IoT devices. The objective is to outperform humans in detecting and diagnosing anomalies, such as plant diseases, and making predictions including about yield and weather. The AI & ML technology should convert the data into mitigation plans to adjust the weather, humidity, and fertilizer input that will keep crops stress-free and able to provide optimal output.

Key success factors:

  1. Affordability (affordable solutions by larger agritech community)

  2. Availability (easily accessible, solid connectivity, open source, and integrated with different IoT devices)

  3. User-friendliness (easy to manage and maintain)

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

  • Legally registered company residing in our outside the UAE

  • Specialization in technology development in agritech

  • Existence of a prototype / minimum viable product

  • Minimum 3 – maximum 30 full-time employees

Evaluation Criteria

  • Technological viability: value-adding technology with an ability to manage and calculate the exact mitigation control and a perfect mix of solutions to give the best production output

  • Technical viability: ability to demonstrate the results in a successful Proof of Concept that clearly shows the defined deliverables

  • Commercial viability: the ability to demonstrate a working business model leading to operational and cost optimization of operations

  • Sustainability: ability to demonstrate efficient use of resources and contributes to the environmental sustainability of food and agriculture

  • Partner & UAE relevance: ability to demonstrate the ability to meet the needs and requirements of Elite Agro Projects and relevancy to the UAE market environment


What will a successful solver receive?

  • Contract to build and deliver the solution. Elite Agro Projects will adopt the solution, integrate it into turnkey project deliverables, and market it to its clients

  • Space and support for trial in the UAE

  • Option to invest in local facility for manufacturing the product in a mass scale

  • Opportunity to replicate and scale the solution to mass production through Elite Agro Projects sales channels

  • Assistance with product launching

  • Marketing promotion by Elite Agro Projects and The Entrepreneurial Nation, UAE Ministry of Economy

  • Mentorship on credit readiness delivered by Emirates Development Bank

  • Invitation to Credit Worthiness workshop sponsored by Emirate Development Bank


Application deadline

15 April 2023

Winner announcement

15 May 2023

Start of engagement

15 June 2023