Market Entry to Saudi Arabia

The Entrepreneurial Nation (TEN) is proud to announce a partnership with AstroLabs, an ecosystem builder that enables the growth of people, companies, and innovation capacities in the Middle East and North Africa via its training, corporate, talent, incubation & acceleration, licensing and co-working space services.

AstroLabs provides a fully integrated offering for all companies looking to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AstroLabs has helped 250+ businesses scale to the Kingdom from setting up, and soft landing, to multi-platform registration and their first local hire. Beyond set up, AstroLabs enables high-growth businesses to scale through value-based talent recruitment, team structure & building, and support network access programs.

Webinar Series, 1-1 Free Consultation, Exclusive Discounts

UAE-based companies wishing to expand to KSA are invited to register for an exclusive monthly TEN Scaleup Webinar Series that will shed light on the Saudi market opportunity and expansion. It will outline the different licenses available, the key ministries involved, and the requirements needed to expand into KSA. Attendees will go through a step-by-step guide that the AstroLabs expansion team has put together as well as receive on-ground tips for expansion. Simultaneously, attendees will get access to book a free 1-1 consultation assessing their market entry potential and exclusive discounts on expansion services.

Webinar Cost

Free of cost

1-1 Free Consultation

Upon registration, companies will be able to book a free consultation assessing the market entry potential;

  • free 1-1 consultation with one of the AstroLabs setup specialists 

  • insights into the requirements needed for any specific activity and advise on the best route for expansion 

  • resources and information about saudization, tax obligations as well as other ‘need to know’ topics for expanding to Saudi Arabia 

  • clear idea on the KSA opportunity, the essentials of the expansion process, and how AstroLabs can enable their scaling journey 

Exclusive Discounts

Companies that will decide to use AstroLabs Expansion services will receive special discounts; 

  • 15% discount on all Expansion and Talent services  

  • 3 Day Free Access to a co-working space in AstroLabs Riyadh  

  • 20% discount on selected AstroLabs Academy training 

Webinar Series




Session 1

24 January

14:00 - 15:30

What is required to expand to KSA?

What is the 20-step setup process to enter the Saudi market?

What are the tips and tricks for expanding into Saudi Arabia?

What are the well-known case studies we can learn from?

Q&A Session

Session 2


Insights into the setup process, and reality of entry-to-market in the Kingdom

Session 3


Hiring in Saudi Arabia

Session 4


Taxation in Saudi Arabia

Session 5


Tapping into the business and investment network in Saudi Arabia

Session 6


Creation of partnerships- collaborative community, spaces, support and partners