Franchise Within the UAE and the Region

The Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by The UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to announce the launch of ScaleUp Franchise in partnership with Emtiyz.

ScaleUp Franchise is an intensive development program for internal operations systems in the field of franchising and preparing SMEs to become ready for global franchising systems and expansion at the national and international level.

The program is designed to qualify small and medium-sized companies in legal, operational and financial matters based on international franchise systems:

Program Duration:

8 weeks

If participants pass the 8-week program they will be part of the full 6 months franchise preparation program.

Investment Duration:

10 Years

Apply before:

March 13, 2023

Participants will receive

  • Training and consultation to develop internal systems for franchising

  • Operational manuals for internal systems

  • Legal papers and agreements for franchising systems

  • Specialized brand marketing for 10 years

  • Exposure investors to open branches locally and internationally

  • Continuous financial and quality audit

  • Support and development of operating systems

Your Commitment:

  • Sign the joint investment contract

  • Submit all required requirements on time

  • Organize field visits to their business

  • Attend all training sessions

  • Participate in specialized exhibitions

  • Train employees to deal with investors

  • Commit to professional procedures to complete the franchise deal

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legally registered private company

  • Operating for at least one year with a working product or service

  • Revenue generating

  • Minimum of 5 full-time employees

  • Distinguished by special secrets that caused qualitative success

Scope of Services



Time commitment



Week 1

Introductory session

3 Hours

Explaining the program in details

Work on a detailed franchise program plan with participants

Week 2


3 Hours

  • The mechanism of the franchise

  • Forms for signing commercial franchise contracts with the investor

Fill out legal forms to start legal agreements

Week 3


Operational manuals and requirements

Fill out forms

Weeks 4 and 5

Projects Field Visits

1 Hour

Visits to match the practical reality with the models and operational manuals

Week 6


3 Hours

How to market the project using the franchise system

A customized marketing mechanism

Week 7

Preparing Operational Manuals and Franchise Agreements

3 Hours

Completing the mission and preparing the equipment for marketing the brands

Getting ready to match the SMEs with investors

Week 8

Matching the SME with the Investor

Investor evaluation according to the brand

Sign the contracts

Program Milestones



March 13, 2023

Application Deadline

16 May, 2023

Program Starts

Nov, 2023

Program Ends