About the Program

We have fostered strong partnerships with industry-leading companies to design tailored ScaleUp programmes, SME Offers and Discounts, and access to industry experts. The ScaleUp platform is here to empower future unicorns.

ScaleUp Export with UPS will offer SMEs special pricing for shipping, technical training and mentoring to increase exports of their company's products from the UAE.

What you will get

  1. Special shipping rates with a dedicated Account Manager

  2. Technical workshops and seminars for specific export markets

  3. Personal mentoring

Eligibility Criteria

  • Segment: SMEs selling physical products

  • Export Status: SMEs that want to start exporting or increase their exports (existing products / marketplace / sales channels activated)

  • Registered UAE Businesses with license to operate in the UAE.

Program Overview





Module 1:Tariffs & Customs Regulations

export process and impact of customs clearance costs, necessary documentation (commercial invoice, transport document/waybill, certificate of origin), transport and delivery terms, INCOTERMS, customs duties, classification, value and origin of goods , difference between registered and authorized exporters.


Module 2:Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers

Freight Forwarding types and services, the phases of freight forwarding services, activity and role of customs agents, differences between Freight Forwarders and customs agents, advantages and cost reductions related to choosing a shipping service.


Module 3: Warehousing

The importance of the warehouse and its efficient management, characteristics of warehouses, conditions and specifications necessary for the use of a warehouse, warehouse logistics, and solutions available on the UAE market.


Module 4:Logistics for Ecommerce

relevance of ecommerce in today's business, types of online sales, management of the customer's purchase path, types of shipping services to use for your online store, sales strategies through ecommerce.


Module 5:Customer Experience

The importance of customer experience, definition of customer experience, definition and differences with the customer journey, types of touch points, and customization of shipping methods, post-purchase follow-up, and customer loyalty strategies.


Destination Series 1:India

  • Macroeconomic overview

  • Customs and Clearance: Considerations & Documentation

  • Packaging Guidelines

  • Prohibited and Restricted Items – How to avoid delays


Destination Series 2:Saudi Arabia


Destination Series 3:United States


Destination Series 4:United Kingdom


Destination Series 5:European Union (EU)