Startup Bootcamp & Funding

The Entrepreneurial Nation is proud to announce a partnership with Flat6Labs for two golden tickets to a 4-day Bootcamp and an opportunity to pitch for seed funding up to USD 250,000 (AED 918,000) along with a 4-month Funding programme.

Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading seed and early stage venture capital firm. Ignite programme is a seed and early stage funding opportunity for startups that is managed in a partnership with ADQ, one of MENA's largest holding companies.

It aims at providing founders with interactive materials focused on the business side of starting a company.

The Bootcamp is designed according to the Lean Startup approach, each day covers a certain theme to get the teams of 20 selected companies up-to-speed and make sure they know the basics of the business by the time they are to present in front of the selection committee the following week.

10 companies that will be selected for equity funding will participate in a 4-month Funding programme conducted online and in person in Abu Dhabi (total of approx 6-8 weeks).

What you will get

  • 4-day Bootcamp in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for 1-2 team members maximum

  • Strategic training and coaching

  • Interaction with startups, industry professionals, academic partners and Flat6Labs team

  • Potential to pitch for equity funding of US$100,000 to US$250,000 (AED 367,000 - AED 918,000)

  • Bootcamp travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses covered

  • Business setup support provided by the Ministry of Economy

Eligibility Criteria

  • legally registered private company

  • minimum existing MVP with promising results from initial and existing pilots, preferably revenue generating

  • commitment to set up business in the UAE

  • companies that receive funding will be required to relocate HQ to the UAE

  • demonstrate a clear need for investments and use of funds

  • investment in IP is in residing entities, not a branch/subsidiary

  • agreement on investment terms

  • one or more founders must be present in the program (unless the program is run virtually)

  • founders need to be fluent in English

Application Milestones



5th March 2023 

Application deadline

12-24th March 2023 

Selection process (online interviews) 

14th April 2023 

Announcement of Two Golden Tickets

26th-29th April 2023 

Bootcamp (4 Days)

29th May 2023

Funding Programme+ (4 months, hybrid, selected funded companies)

Ignite Bootcamp Agenda



Time commitment

Day 1

Introduction and Venture Ready Scoring

Story Telling

Market Sizing

Research & Competitive Analysis 

Customer Development Data

9.30am to 6.00pm

Day 2 

Marketing, Sales & Revenue Models

Pricing and Metrics that Matter 


Traction and Product Market Fit

Pitch Reviews 

9.30am to 6.00pm

Day 3

Fundraising Fundamentals 

Product and Company Roadmap

When, Why and How to Pivot

Pitch Reviews 

9.30am to 6.00pm

Day 4

UAE stakeholder presentations 

Legal Sessions 

Pitch Reviews 

9.30am to 6.00pm

Day 5

Selection Committee (if selected to present)

9.30am to 6.00pm