We have fostered strong partnerships with industry leading companies to design tailored ScaleUp programmes, SME Offers and Discounts, and access to industry experts. The ScaleUp platform is here to empower future unicorns.

ScaleUp Digitise: Accelerate digital innovation and transform your company. Be at the forefront of the digital world.

ScaleUp Perform: Support and improve the sustainable and future growth of the fast-growing SMEs in the UAE in the fields of talent, learning and digital marketing. Be prepared today for the future.

ScaleUp Raise: Get access to funding to enable your ideas to reach full bloom and turn your business idea into a reality.

ScaleUp Export: Gain special pricing for shipping, technical training and mentoring to increase exports of your company’s products from the UAE.

ScaleUp Expand: Facilitate international expansion of your business through winning collaborations.


Accelerate digital innovation and transform your company.

ScaleUp with Cisco

Supporting SMEs with digitization efforts and providing them with cutting-edge capabilities vital for their success.

What you get:

  • Simple, affordable, secure and reliable IT solutions for any size organization.

  • Financial credit from Cisco for select SMEs to be used towards the following specialized Cisco packages:
    • Integration assessment.

    • Software development.

    • Consulting support.

    • In-house training.


  • Limited to SMEs in education, healthcare, fintech/FSI, oil & gas, energy, defense, transportation & logistics.

  • The company should have a minimum annual turnover revenue of AED 50 million.

  • The company should be employing a minimum 100 people.


ScaleUp Digitize

The Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by The UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to announce the launch of ScaleUp Digitize with Huawei. ScaleUp digitize is a program supporting SMEs with a suite of digital tools and services designed to strengthen and transform their growth.

This program will be delivered in English.


  • Minimum number of employees 10

  • Revenue generating or company went through a funding round.

What you get:

  • Huawei cloud training and vouchers valued at up to 60000 AED.

  • Huawei cloud voucher that can be used to purchase Huawei cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud network and cloud database services.

  • Hands-on training for Huawei Cloud Technology.

Detailed Plan

Program duration: 2 Months

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Number of Sessions: 8 online sessions.

Sessions Timing Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 PM (2 hours) from August 23rd - September 15th

Program overview:

Phase 1: Foundational course




Week 1 – online

AUG 23rd, 2022

Cloud Service

1. Cloud Computing Basics
2.Huawei Cloud Overview

Week 1 – online

AUG 25th, 2022

Cloud Service

1.Compute Cloud Services
2.Network Cloud Services

Week 2 – online

AUG 30, 2022

Cloud Service

1.Storage Cloud Services
2.Database,Security,CDN, And EI Services

Week 2 online

SEP 1st, 2022

Cloud Service

1.Huawei Cloud O&M Basics

Phase 2:

After you complete the foundational course, you will get to choose your focus area: AI or Big data.



Big Data



Week 3 online

SEP 6th, 2022

1.AI Overview
2. Machine Learning Overview

1. Big Data Development Trend and Kunpeng Big Data Solution
2. HDFS and ZooKeeper

Week 3 – online

SEP 8th, 2022


1. Mainstream Development Frameworks in the Industry
2. Deep Learning Overview

1. Hive - Distributed Data Warehouse
2.HBase Technical Principles

Week 4 – online

SEP 13th, 2022


1. Huawei MindSpore AI Development Framework
2. Atlas AI Computing Platform

1.MapReduce and YARN Technical Principles
2. Spark - An In-Memory Distributed Computing Engine

Week 4  online

SEP 15th   , 2022


1.Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices
2.HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform

1.Flink, Stream and Batch Processing in a Single Engine
2.Flume - Massive Log Aggregation

Application Deadline August 20th


ScaleUp with LinkedIn

What you get:

  • Four Virtual workshops which would cover areas of:

    • Creating and sustaining a corporate digital presence on LinkedIn and building your company’s professional Network

    • Talent and hiring for SME’s

    • Learning and development for SME’s

    • Doing business and digital marketing on LinkedIn

  • Pre-scheduled one on one assessments between SMEs and LinkedIn experts in talent, learning and development, and marketing solutions. The assessments are based on the objective and growth plan of the company.

  • Based on the one-on-one assessments, LinkedIn will help up to 30 SMEs make the right hire, if required. Through a 6-month pilot hands on programme, LinkedIn will support SMEs by offering at least:

    • Career page

    • 1 recruiter

    • 1 job slot

  • Design of personalised and on demand learning paths that would contribute to the SMEs growth and the upskilling of their teams.

  • A one-year hands-on programme leveraging LinkedIn’s platform to help SMEs build their own marketing strategies and market their services and companies, through different consultation sessions.


ScaleUp with EDB

Access to strategic financing options with attractive rates. With a moratorium period up to 6 months and additional business support, we will support your growth story.


To apply, the SME must have the following minimum requirements for UAE operations:

  • At least 3 years in operations

  • Annual revenue of above AED 2 million for services, AED 3.5 million for manufacturing

  • Profitable in last 12 months

  • Audited accounts for the last 2 years

  • Debtor ageing less than 90 days

  • Debt: Revenue ratio less than 30%

  • Clean credit reports (business and owners)


ScaleUp Export with UPS

We have fostered strong partnerships with industry-leading companies to design tailored ScaleUp programmes, SME Offers and Discounts, and access to industry experts. The ScaleUp platform is here to empower future unicorns.

ScaleUp Export with UPS will offer SMEs special pricing for shipping, technical training and mentoring to increase exports of their company's products from the UAE.


  • Segment: SMEs selling physical products

  • Export Status: SMEs that want to start exporting or increase their exports (existing products / marketplace / sales channels activated)

  • Registered UAE Businesses with license to operate in the UAE.

This is what you get:

  1. Special shipping rates with a dedicated Account Manager

  2. Technical workshops and seminars for specific export markets

  3. Personal mentoring

Start your exporting journey; enhance your strategy and sales in other countries from the UAE

Number of Sessions: 10 online sessions.

Sessions Timing Thursday 9 - 11 AM (2 hours) from July 21st - October 13th

Program overview:





Module 1:Tariffs & Customs Regulations

export process and impact of customs clearance costs, necessary documentation (commercial invoice, transport document/waybill, certificate of origin), transport and delivery terms, INCOTERMS, customs duties, classification, value and origin of goods , difference between registered and authorized exporters.


Module 2:Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers

Freight Forwarding types and services, the phases of freight forwarding services, activity and role of customs agents, differences between Freight Forwarders and customs agents, advantages and cost reductions related to choosing a shipping service.


Module 3: Warehousing

The importance of the warehouse and its efficient management, characteristics of warehouses, conditions and specifications necessary for the use of a warehouse, warehouse logistics, and solutions available on the UAE market.


Module 4:Logistics for Ecommerce

relevance of ecommerce in today's business, types of online sales, management of the customer's purchase path, types of shipping services to use for your online store, sales strategies through ecommerce.


Module 5:Customer Experience

The importance of customer experience, definition of customer experience, definition and differences with the customer journey, types of touch points, and customization of shipping methods, post-purchase follow-up, and customer loyalty strategies.


Destination Series 1:India

  • Macroeconomic overview

  • Customs and Clearance: Considerations & Documentation

  • Packaging Guidelines

  • Prohibited and Restricted Items – How to avoid delays


Destination Series 2:Saudi Arabia


Destination Series 3:United States


Destination Series 4:United Kingdom


Destination Series 5:European Union (EU)

Application are now closed

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