The StartUp programme encompasses a series of initiatives aiming to support businesses during the startup phase. The programme targets startups aged 0-3 years offering different types of products and services.

StartUp Leap is a pioneer competition that is held under the umbrella of the Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy, in partnership with MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab.

The competition offers shortlisted global & regional startups the chance to relocate, expand, and benefit from world class training and mentorship, to shine in one of the world's most innovative countries, the United Arab Emirates; yielding winners with extra benefits and prizes.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a legally registered entity

  • Startup already profitable

  • Management or founding team of at least two members

  • Preferably secured previous funding

  • Co-founders willing to relocate or expand offices to UAE

  • Operating for at least two years with a working product or service

Incentive package for shortlisted companies:

  • Residency (up to 3 founders)

  • Office space

  • Top tier training and Mentorship

  • Media coverage and brand exposure

  • Business development support

Additional incentives for winning companies:

  • Lower rate / higher limit loan financing (if applicable and subject to terms and conditions)

  • Fee waivers for all employees visa costs

  • Fee waivers for all related fees

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*Terms & conditions

Applications are now closed.

This initiative forges partnerships with banks aimed at offering services for SMEs such as opening corporate accounts efficiently and in a short amount of time.

The first partnership was signed Emirates Development Bank and it offers SMEs the chance to open a corporate bank account in just 48 hours via mobile application.

Benefits of partnership with Emirates Development Bank:

  • Opening a corporate bank account in 48 hours

  • Applying for a loan

  • Mass SME offers